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Craving by vizualeyez Craving by vizualeyez
This shot to me explores the mental state of craving and addiction. To me this represents someone try to get to what they need and nothing will stop them.
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Kellina6875 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
I can so relate to this picture. I have had a drug addiction problem for 5 years and when I decided to quit.. the hell I went through and I still go through.. this picture is beautiful to me.. it's like.. if it were a song.. it'd be my anthem. beautiful. good job.
systemka Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2007
coooooooooollllll :)
angeloffthedarkness Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2006
I like this picture. It is nice
Izida Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
great photo!!! :)
Shamonan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a great photo... The arms look unnaturally thin, and the viewer isn't sure whether this person should be feared or pitied. :+fav:
BMML Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
for some reason, not that its bad, but this reminds me of the movies Saw
DragutzzA Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2006
great really gets to you..great work..
Loviez Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2006
I was looking for an image that scared me. And in this image you shot I felt it. After reading your description I knew why. We all have cravings, addictions....I know them well....maybe you are clawing to get at them....or clawing to get away. Nice work.
vizualeyez Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006
Thanks loviez much appreiciated glad my image hit the spot watch out for many more to follow.

Take care

Loviez Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2006
Will do Viz
Sacred-Repression Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2006
This is very good. It really does show that feeling of desperation and angst. Very good job with expressing your message!
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